Become an Eco Partner – Your business can make a difference.

Business owners, this is your opportunity to join EcoForce Global Advocates around the world selling and planting trees to capture carbon from our atmosphere.

This simple commitment program to purchase trees through EcoForce Global supports our mission to plant billions of trees around the world on farmland to sequester carbon and help farmers store massive amounts of carbon in their soils. Each time you purchase a tree we’ll update your businesses purchasing history and estimated captured carbon amount.

Retailer – Bricks and Mortar Opportunity

Display your Eco Partner sticker on your shop window, print your QR code on your merchandise and menu’s, every customer who scans your QR code and buys a tree , that tree’s carbon capture content is added to your businesses overall total. In addition you can incentivise your customers to buy your product because you’re now offering an amount per purchase towards purchasing more trees creating a point of difference for your customers to do business with you instead of others.

Online eTailers

We’ll provide you with a widget of code that will allow you to post your QR code and trees purchased and carbon captured details on your website. Customers can scan the QR code and buy a tree as well as view your current success rate of carbon captured. A great way to show credentials.

This is one effective way your business can contribute to repairing the planets eco system.

Eco Partners FAQ

Your webcode link will be sent within 24 hours to your purchasing email address and your sticker posted not long thereafter.

Yes it is possible once the trees have been allocated to a planting site for you to be involved with the planting. Our team will be in contact with you prior to the planting. Your trees unless you purchased over 500 in one time will be collated with other trees purchased to create a mass planting.

EcoForce chooses the trees that best suit the environment in which they are to be planted in consultation with biologists and ecologists and nature specialists. This means we capture the greatest amount of carbon and have the greatest rate of success.

In Australia and the rest of the world, it is $84.70 AUD. In the USA it is $53.90 USD. If you purchase a minimum of three trees at the start and take up the Affiliate opportunity you’ll be rebated $22 AUD or $15.40 USD on every tree you personally purchase into the future as well as receiving $11.00 AUD on your first 3 trees or $15.40 USD on every future tree.

Each business can set its own purchase frequency. Business can engage their customers to buy through a link we’ll issue you after you purchase your first three and become an Affiliate. The affiliate link will help you track customer engagement and can be used to promote your efforts.

There is no minimum but we recommend you purchase at least 3 to start with and become an affiliate. Doing so can help you purchase more trees later on at a reduced rate.