EcoForce Global – Capturing carbon in our soils and from our oceans to help cool the planet.

Our planet needs your help.

According to David Attenborough, 3 Billion trees a year are felled worldwide. We need to replace these trees and plant more to capture carbon to reduce the effects on the environment.

EcoForce intends to plant billions of trees to restore the land in partnership with farmers, improve soil health, improve food production and quality and in the process remove 30% of the worlds carbon output or 9 billion tonnes of carbon.

How many trees should we plant?

We’re setting a worldwide tree planting target and if you pledge to plant just One tree (you don’t have to plant it immediately), we’ll multiply it by 17 and make that OUR pledge to the planet. Very quickly this target could be in the millions or billions of trees.

We’re taking action, Join Us


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Why 17 trees?

Each year our planet produces approx 30 Billions tonnes of carbon. It is estimated that we can store up to 30% of this amount through carbon sequestration, ie trees, grasses and kelp and other plants. If we take the 9 Billion tonnes we can reduce through nature-based solutions and divide that by the worlds population of 7.8 Billion people, we get 1.2 tonnes per person. It takes 15 trees to save one tonne so that’s Just 17 Trees per person.

Can you help us by planting your share of 17 trees?

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
We borrow it from our children

If all you are is a concerned citizen then your legacy should be to leave the world a better place than you inherited.

Read why we started Eco Force

Pledge to Plant Trees

Eco Force is asking for your help. Most people are aware that the planet needs trees to capture carbon and help reduce the effects of climate change. Can you help us by pledging to plant a tree or more?

If you pledge to plant 1 tree, we’ll multiply your pledge by 17. If you pledge 17 trees, we’ll pledge 289 trees. Come on. Help Eco Force set a massive worldwide tree planting target.

Complete this form to make your pledge and we'll multiply your pledge by 17 to make an even larger tree planting target.
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See some of the amazing people who have shared our initiative.

Regenerating farmland and planting trees will  help our farmers and capture carbon.

Farmers / Landowners

The EcoForce movement is here to work with you to improve your farming processes, invest in your farm improvement program and support you as you embrace the Regen Ag philosophy. We want to work with you to plant trees, qualify for carbon credits, learn about the Regen Ag processes, improving soils to improve production rates and reduce effects of natural disasters such as drought.

Register now to find out how your property could benefit from a partnership with EcoForce.